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Earn currency for participating in the community. Points are completely free to achieve. Earn enough points to redeem for real life rewards!

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You don’t need to invest in a game to enter events – a lot of events are geared towards simply having a good time! We also have a helpful group of people that will guide you to understanding a game better should you seek honor and glory.

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Do you like to write articles? Post a guide or document your progress in tournaments on our website and share it with your friends and other guildies.





Black Ice started off as a small competitive guild on the forums of Serebii, a Pokemon news website that limited our efforts to strict organization and participation guidelines. After not meeting their absurd expectations, our guild was shut down. In a last ditch effort to preserve it, our members took a bold leap to create a grounds for competitive growth, reaching outside of Pokemon to games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

In the heat of the situation, we made forum after forum on a variety of free hosts, hopping from one to another, none quite supporting what we wanted to accomplish. Eventually, the decision came to invest in a webserver to give us the freedom and power we needed to create the community and features we wanted. The guild now offers a myriad of freedom for its members to express themselves and challenge others.

Currently, the guild exists as a small community, having picked up new friends on our bold adventure to be our own identity and have enjoyed competitions and casual play as a standalone community for over a year now. We've spent this year continuously growing and improving ourselves and our features. This community has been together for over five years now, and we're only moving forward.


The people that make the guild possible.
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Guild Leader
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Site Manager
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Mr. Chad Bacon

Head Tournament Organizer
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Competitive Coach