Hello, and welcome!

The website has a lot of features that lead to or require interacting with another member. Understanding this is important to using the tools the website gives you. First off, you are required to have an account on the website in order to use the features or receive their benefits.

Making An Account

Making an account is simple. Just click the Login button on the navigation bar and it will lead you to the login screen, where you click register and fill out the rest.

Then, it would be a great idea to join our Discord. The Community button links to our server, or you can click here. Joining the Discord makes it easier to reach out to members and request battles. The more you battle, the more DD you can earn.

Battle Reports

Battle reports are a key feature for improving your skills and earning rewards. For example, if you post a battle report and don’t understand what went wrong in a battle, link it! Other members will be able to assist you in your strategy or how to prepare for common threats.

Also, posting battle reports can earn you rewards on the website.

To post a battle report, simply play a match with another member on Pokémon Showdown or a 3DS title. Then, post the replay link or the VS code into the Battle Report Thread and have your opponent confirm the post. You will earn DD based on your battle performance!

Joining Events

In addition to battle reports, joining events can show you where you pace among other members. Event invites will always be under the Events tab on the navigation bar. Try your best to enter a lot, but don’t burn yourself out!

DD and the Shop

Now that you have some battles under your belt, you’ve probably racked up a lot of DD. DD, you might ask, is our guild currency: Diamond Dust. DD is used to buy Pokémon from our shop.

While browsing the shop, simply click on a Pokémon you desire. You’ll notice that some Pokémon may have a range of prices. This is because certain traits of Pokémon are harder to come by. So when filling out what type of Pokémon you would like, make sure to keep that in mind!

Your Journey Begins!

You are now acquainted with the ways of Black Ice. Rise through the ranks and become a Pokémon Champion!

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